This website is devoted to works created by the Noritake factory during the period 1921 – 1931. Many are in the style later known as Art Deco. Some are quite rare and valuable; others are readily available for the beginning collector. These objects, all of which were designed on west 23rd street in Manhattan during the roaring twenties, constitute the first and largest assembly of art deco motifs in the United States from any source. Largely unrecognized as a body of work until the late 1970’s, the collecting of Noritake art deco porcelains has become a major pursuit, with hundreds of collectors world-wide and price records being broken on a daily basis.

This website represents the sale of two major collections of Noritake Art Deco Porcelains totaling well over 2000 pieces. Different parts of the collections will be shown at different times, so a revisit to the website will yield new offerings - typically on a bi-weekly basis. Items for sale are broken into categories. For beginners, acquiring a small grouping of related pieces is the way to start, with investments of as little as $750. For those wishing collections of items more rare, related groupings begin at about $2000 and for those wishing one-of-a-kind pieces of extreme rarity and beauty, prices in the range of $1500 to $15,000 can be expected.

Each piece is portrayed in a rotational three-dimensional format. Condition is as noted. Payment is made using our secure online server. You may return the piece within 7 days if dissatisfied and your money will be refunded, less the cost of shipping, handling, and insurance.

We do not ship abroad. Those wishing to acquire a piece residing in a foreign country, must obtain delivery in New York by a third party who will, in turn, assume the responsibility of shipping the piece while at the same time representing to the purchaser that the piece is, as indicated.

Selected pieces can be also be seen by private appointment when in New York.